Autoslide Sliding Doors

DIY Automatic Sliding Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Patio Doors, Pet Doors 

Easily Retrofit Autoslide To Your Existing Home Sliding Door​​



Autoslide’s automatic sliding door system is universally designed to retrofit to most free-running sliding doors including:

  • sliding glass doors
  • aluminium frame doors
  • patio doors
  • screen doors
  • internal pocket doors
  • bathroom cavity doors
  • wooden sliding doors
  • frameless sliding glass doors.​

To know which side of the door you need to retrofit Autoslide to, stand inside of the house to slide open door. As you slide door open, does this moving panel which you holding onto slide over the non-moving (fixed) panel or does it slide behind it? If it slides in front of the other panel, then Autoslide will need to be fitted inside of the house. If it slides behind the fixed panel, then Autoslide will need to be fitted on the outside of the house. No worries...Autoslide is designed to be weather-proof!

​So what makes Autoslide a revolutionary product? Well, there are quite a few things.

Have you ever looked into having your doors at home automated before? Probably not. The first thing that comes to mind is price and automatic doors sounds like something expensive. Well, they are! Until now, automatic doors for the home cost thousands of dollars and many systems required you to get new doors installed. Autoslide solves both problems. The Autoslide Starter Kit starts at $399 and the Autoslide unit retrofits to your existing sliding doors. Now home automation is affordable to every homeowner!

Another great feature of Autoslide is the ability to customize the unite to your home's needs. Do you want to have an infrared sensor detect you walking to the door? No problem. Or how about a remote control for those confined to a wheelchair? We've got that covered as well. Maybe you have a dog or cat that likes to go outside a lot? Use the i3 Pet Sensor Collar Tags and they can now come and goes as they please. No more interruptions to what you're doing...just relax.

Take some time to browse around and find out how Autoslide can help you at home!