Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

Five Great Ideas to Help Create a Smart Home

In the most new homes and recently renovated homes, technology and environmental awareness has come together to create a smart home aka a connected home. Whether you’re updating an existing home or building something completely new, incorporating some of these great ideas will make the home of the future yours today.

  1. Automatic Sliding Doors - Imagine the convenience of having doors in your home that open automatically for your child, pet, or aging loved one. Automatic doors aren’t just for commercial buildings anymore, with stylish options available to incorporate seamlessly into your home. These doors can be activated via sensors or your smart home system depending on your individual needs.
  2. Raise Your Kitchen’s IQ - One of the most exciting rooms to update in your home is the kitchen. Induction cooktops are becoming more common since they are more efficient than electric or gas, only the cooking vessel gets hot, and they can boil water in seconds. Top hinged cabinet doors can save space and keep open doors out of the way while you work. Built in coffee makers lay in wait, ready to automatically have your morning coffee ready for you.
  3. Control with One Touch - Digital home interfaces, controlled by an iPad, tablet, or other mobile device, connect you to your home at the touch of a finger. From audiovisual to security to lighting, heating, and climate control, you’ll be able to customize your home to a degree that was only imagined just years ago.
  4. High-tech Bathrooms - Program your morning shower to be just to your liking with temperature, steam level, and water pressure controls. The latest technology allows for defogger controls and medicine cabinet doors that slide out of the way to reveal outlets and hidden storage.
  5. Source Sustainably - From sustainably harvested wood to reused or repurposed flooring and building materials, creating a home with a smaller environmental footprint is easier than ever before. Look into local stores that carry excess building materials, and in addition to reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll reduce the cost of your build or remodel.

With these ideas as a starting point, you’ll be well on your way to having the smartest home on your block. Smart home features and options are will continue to increase to allow the most connected home possible for you. Homeowners should choose the features that they will use as well as the ones that will help them sell the house in the future. Whether you plan to sell your home or live there well into your golden years, you need a home that fits your lifestyle and grows with you.

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