Tips to Create a Smarter, Safer, and More Comfortable Home

Home Automation for the Home of Today and the Future

As early as the 1960's, when Star Trek introduced us to the ideas of teleportation and space travel, we’ve been dreaming of home automation systems. The term smart home has become increasingly popular over the last several years, and today you can turn your own home into a smart home with a few easily obtainable items. Let’s take a look at how you can increase your home’s IQ while making it safer and more comfortable in the process.

Devices Around the Home

Choose the devices you want to automate and put in a few hours of research to make sure you make smart purchases that will help you achieve your goal. Start simple if you wish, and go with light control, and then move up to appliances, windows, and doors.

Home Automation Systems

Research each area of home automation that you want to implement and see which types of devices you can connect. Most automation systems allow you to connect via the computer, so make sure you can also connect using your smartphone or tablet if that’s how you choose to control your home. You can even create an option that will allow you to turn off all interior lights while turning on all exterior lights simultaneously with the simple push of a single button – or touch of the touch-pad on your phone or tablet as the case may be.

Controllers and Interfaces

The orders and commands from your smartphone have to go somewhere, right? That’s where the actual controllers and interfaces come into play. This type of controller also comes in handy if you don’t have your phone on you or you’ve left it on charge for the night – you have the same functionality on a wall mounted controller.


Peripherals are the actual workhorses. These are the parts that install on the door lock, the light switches, or any other part of the home that you intend to automate. The automatic door opening system that we offer, for example, mounts directly onto the sliding door and is controlled via remote control, key fob, infrared motion sensor, or even a doormat. Most home automation systems have several different ways you can access them depending on your individual needs.

Autoslide is a line of automatic door openers designed for the home and office. Our door system works well with both exterior and interior sliding doors, making them an effective resource for the elderly, people with mobility issues, and people with pets. Contact us at for more information or to request information about a specific automatic door system.

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Brian Reynolds

Highly interested in a fob activated pet patio door auto slide for two 12lb dogs that would only open 6 inches, allowing me to “chaulk” the door from opening further while away at work. This would allow the dogs complete access without allowing potential thieves, with an active dog fob, from being able to get in while I am away. Setting the home alarm sensors may be simply lining 6 inches of sensors end to end (TBD). When I am home, I have no issues opening the door manually (with the cue stick removed of course). Open to all ideas other than a patio door insert.

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