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Autoslide Automatic Door System Installation Made Easy September 24 2014, 1 Comment

The Autoslide System was designed to be a Do-It-Yourself project for the home. The average handy person can have it installed in less than 60 minutes. Included with the Autoslide are an instruction manual and DVD. Also, you can access instructional videos on our website as well as on YouTube. However, some just want it straight to the point so we present to you the "Autoslide 9 Step Installation." Take a look...

Step 1. Remove the Autoslide System's cover and determine if the door will open to your right or left hand side. DIP Switch # 1 has been preset for a right handed door. If the door is left handed, change DIP Switch # 1 to it’s opposite position.

Step 2. Position the drive system module on the door per drawings for right of left handed door.

Step 3. Cut and attach the cog track per the installation procedure, ensuring a solid mesh between the cog wheel and the cog track.

Step 4. Manually open and close the door 3 times to insure the cog track wheel and cog track are satisfactorily aligned.

Step 5. Install the 120 volt power pack and run the 24 volt DC power pack wire to the end of the drive system module.

Step 6. Turn on the drive system module, wait approximately 5 seconds, and the green LED automatic lamp will be on.

Step 7. Press the inside or outside sensor button and the door will open, hesitate, and then close.

Step 8. Press the gray mode switch button located in the middle of the module three times and the yellow LED pet lamp will be on.

Step 9. Press the pet sensor button and the door will open 19 inches, hesitate and then close. Locate the two wall switches and press one of them. Attach this to the wall inside and then press the second wall switch button and attach it outside.