Add a Wheelchair Ramp to Your Deck and Autoslide Doors for Easy Access

Creating a safe home for people with mobility issues is extremely important. You never want to visit someone in a wheelchair and discover that their chair won’t roll over a threshold or has become stuck in the hallway. Situations like this are very troublesome for everyone involved, especially the person stuck in the chair. The addition of a wheelchair ramp to the porch or deck is just as important as ensuring ease of movement throughout the home. Let’s look at what it takes to build a wheelchair safe ramp.

  1. The Angle: The angle of the ramp should be no steeper than 4.76 degrees, which is about one foot in length for every inch of drop. A steeper ramp does shorten the ramp and decrease cost, but it is also very dangerous going downhill and very challenging going back up.
  2. Location: The location of the ramp depends entirely on the layout of the yard and where the ramp begins and ends. Installing a ramp could require the removal of a sidewalk or flower garden if you have extensive landscaping. Make sure you plan ahead so you can move plants if needed.
  3. Material: Most wheelchair ramps are made of wood, but metal is also popular. Many areas require that the very end of the ramp, where it meets the ground, be concrete. Check with your local building authority to see if you need a building permit for the ramp and whether it needs to end with concrete.

A wheelchair ramp that goes to a patio from an upper level deck may require several bends. Don’t make the angle too high simply in effort to save space. If a ramp cannot be safely built from the deck, consider other options.

Sliding Door to the Deck

The motion sensor will detect the movement of someone walking toward the door and open. It will close once the person has had ample time to walk through the open door. Our motion sensor pet door option works in much the same way.
A sliding door is very popular in most homes with a deck. Some homeowners prefer French doors where others like the convenience of a sliding door. Sliding doors are convenient because of the ability to add the functionality of our Autoslide Sliding Door System. This system allows people of all mobility levels to open the door with the press of a button or simply by walking toward it.

Autoslide also has a remote control system which opens when you press a button as well as a system for pets that works of a collar tag. Both systems are equally as freeing and allow ease of movement from indoors to the deck and vice versa. Call us at 813-885-DOOR (3667) for more information or chat with us online at your convenience.

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Need a wheelchair accessible sliding patio door for my daughter.

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