Creating a Smarter Home on Any Budget

Whether or not you are planning to dabble in the housing market, a smart home is a great asset. When some people hear the term smart home they immediately think of a house filled to the brim with the latest technology like SARAH from the television show Eureka. The very next thought usually begins with how expensive this project will be. However, there are ways to boost your home’s IQ a little at a time for a long-term impact. Let’s take a look at three great ways to create your smart home over time and on a budget.

DIY Projects

Nothing says convenience in the home like automatic doors that allow hassle free movement between rooms or walking from the kitchen to the patio or deck. The Autoslide system has products to suit almost any budget. You can even create a sliding door for your pets, a great feature for busy animal lovers.Labor costs drive the budget for home renovations significantly. DIY projects are appealing because it gives us full control of the design, build, and finances, but that is not the only reason. If you can find smart home projects that you can manage on your own or with a little help, you can save big. This will give you a sense of pride when the work is done and you will be on your way to having a smarter home; installing an Autoslide door if you have always wanted an automatic sliding door, for example.

Programmable Thermostats

These relatively inexpensive devices are usually easy to install, and they can save you a bundle on your heating and cooling bills. These you operate by inputting your preferred settings or some, like the NEST will learn your patterns over time. Some types can store multiple setting for different times of day, such as when you are away at work.

CCTV Systems

Creating a smarter home is simply a wise decision in this day and age. It can not only enhance your comfort, it can increase your security as well. Learn more about great products like the Autoslide range so you can easily update your home without busting your budget. Call Autoslide of America in Tampa or check our map of authorized dealers so we can helps you with some of your smart home ideas and needs.Many low cost options allow you to monitor your home from a different location. While professional help is good, some of these products are easy to install on your own. You can also equip them with motion sensors, and some can be switched on remotely. Imagine sitting at your favorite vacation spot and loading up your camera system on your smart phone. This allows you to really be able to keep an eye on things while you’re not home.

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