7 Innovative Ideas to Create a Smart Home in 2017

Innovative Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Automatic Bi-Parting Pocket DoorsThe smart home used to be a science fiction fantasy, but it’s becoming more of a possibility with each passing year. We saw several great items implemented this year, following suit from year to year since about 2010. Here are seven innovative ideas that you can implement in 2017 to turn your home into a smart home.

Smart Refrigerator

Today’s refrigerators have tablet-style screens that allow you to keep track of the grocery list, but Samsung is taking this idea a step further. Their Family Hub Fridge includes a built-in camera that takes a picture of the interior of your refrigerator when the door closes. You can sync your phone with the refrigerator’s camera and see what’s in the fridge while you’re grocery shopping.

Smart Plugs

These plug-in adapters allow you to control appliances from anywhere using your smartphone. Don’t worry about the TV you left on; just turn it off using your smartphone from the comfort of your bed.

Smart Lighting

Like smart plugs, smart lighting allows you to use your phone to turn the lights on, off, or dim them to set the right mood. Turn the lights on as you approach your house at night or wait until everyone is tucked safely into their bed at night to turn them off.

Smart Appliances

Crock pots and coffee machines are integral parts of most homes. Sync your phone with your slow cooker and coffee maker, and turn them on from anywhere. This allows you to brew your coffee before your feet ever touch the floor, and have the slow cooker on before you walk through the door at home.

Automatic Doors and Windows

Automatic doors and windows are extremely useful for everyday life. With automated sliding doors, you can easily move from room to room or go outside onto the deck to grill without having to fumble around with the door while your hands are full. For those who have a hard time opening doors due to a disability, an automatic door can increase their quality of life and allow them to live in their home independently. Even pet owners can take advantage by using automatic pet door features and not have to worry about gaping holes in the wall or door.

Smart Yoga Mat

This incredible Yoga mat has sensors that work with a corresponding Yoga app and tells you how to fix your poses on the fly. Incorrect Yoga poses can cause injury to your muscles and tendons, so making sure your poses are correct is very important.

Voice Activation

Google Home and the Amazon Echo are just the beginning of actual real-life voice activation of appliances within the home. With Amazon's Alexa system, you can find out the weather or even open your sliding patio door with a simple voice command.

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