Who Let the Dogs Out? We Did!

Pets are an extremely important part of the family for many homeowners across the United States. They help us feel better when we’re blue and may even be trained to help us with physical activities such as opening the refrigerator door or closely watching us to prevent seizures or identify other medical emergencies. Our pets may be service dogs, protectors, and friends. They are also a major responsibility, lifelong commitment, and they have biological needs that must be addressed. That’s where we come into play. We offer a line of automatic pet doors that open and close to allow your pet to come and go as they please, as long as it is within your rules.

Our Automatic Pet Door Features


Pets need to go out often to empty their bladder and bowels. Sometimes they want to go out simply for the fresh air or to chase leaves or bark at something interesting. We completely understand how frustrating it can be to be busy with household chores and have the dog whining at the door to go out or to have to clean up a mess because you didn’t make it out the door in time. Our automatic pet doors allow you to give your pet the freedom to go out on his or her own while you finish whatever project you’re currently working on.


Our pet door system activates via motion detection, pressure doormat, or activation from our pet collar tag system. This prevents other animals from visiting your home uninvited. The door opens for your pet and closes behind them.

How it Works

The door works for your pets in much the same manner it works for you.

  • Motion Sensor – Installing the pet motion sensor option, the infrared sensors will see your pet advancing toward the door and open it. The sensor also sees your pet when it is ready to come back into the home and opens the door with it automatically closing behind them.
  • Pressure Pet Mat– When activating the Autoslide by pet doormat, the door will activate and open when your pet steps on the doormat. It will close shortly thereafter and open once again when your pet steps on the pressure pad located outside the door. These mats work off a wireless connection, which helps eliminate unwanted wires running all around.
  • Collar ID – If you install the i3 Collar ID pet door set, simply attach the special magnetic collar tag to your dog’s collar and watch the magic happen. The door will recognize your pet when it approaches the door wearing the collar. Other pets or animals that are not wearing the collar cannot activate the door. This method is more secure than the motion sensor or pressure pad simply because it will only work if your pet is wearing the collar id tag.

Eliminate Frustration

Our pet doors give you the freedom to allow your pet to go out and do his or her business while you are busy doing household chores. No more scratching or whining at the door or barking to be taken out. Fence an area of the yard for security, install our automatic pet door system, and enjoy the freedom. This is perfect for pets that are in the process of potty training and for seasoned veterans as well.

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