A Safer Home for Senior Family Members

Many homeowners simply aren’t thinking about their aging parents moving into their house. It’s not something that many want to think about, because they would rather think that their parents are going to be independent for the course of their life. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Elderly parents often need a little help, but not enough to live in a retirement home. With more and more elderly people moving with their adult children, it’s interesting to see how home automation is making it easier to transition and help the newly-formed household cope with the growing changes.

When it comes to senior family members, your home may not be properly set up to keep them safe and sound. In fact, many find it a bit overwhelming to make sure their home is ADA compliant; this means that the home meets requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Autoslide doors are a wonderful way to help aging family members who have mobility issues or weakness in the arms or hands.

Hands Free Doors

Hands free operation has made its way into the homes of many who make concessions for family members with limited mobility or other health issues. Automatic doors that do not require hand operation allow a person to walk through without requiring the assistance of another person. This also helps those who are in wheelchairs and walkers, as it can be difficult to manage an open door for some.Sliding doors can be heavy for an elderly person, especially if they have arthritis. The simple gripping while pushing or pulling motion could cause their hands to lock up and they could end up in severe pain. This creates a situation in which doors become painful to slide open, preventing ease of movement.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are a wonderful addition to several areas of the home. The elderly and people with limited mobility benefit greatly from grab bars in the following areas:

  • By the toilet
  • By the tub or shower
  • By the stairs
  • By each door
  • Uneven areas of the home in a multi-level home

At the end of the day, home automation doesn’t just work within the confines of opening and closing doors. Other home automation ideas include the garage door, thermostats, and window blinds. Elderly individuals may need an added amount of assistance with traversing everyday areas of the home, but with the technology boosts we see on a daily basis in the form of functional doors, slides, lifts, and more – things are looking brighter for millions of individuals who are in need of a bit of assistance.

Safety Is Paramount

Our aging family members deserve the best. They’ve already played their part and been a contributing member of society. They’ve already raised their family and still enjoy their independence. Adding functionality to their home or to yours is something we proudly assist with. The Autoslide product line was a wide range of options to cater to every homeowner needs. For more information, email us at info@autoslideofamerica.com or call to speak with on of our automation experts at 813-885-DOOR.


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