Make Life Easier for Your Aging Parents with an Autoslide Door System

Life takes its toll on our bodies as we age. We’re continually on the go with jobs, children, pets, or other daily activities it seems. Think of all of the times your parents did the very things you do on a daily basis. How many times did they take you to practice, a game, a recital, or a school activity? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do something to make their golden years just a little easier? We’ll show you how you can do just that with an Autoslide enabled sliding door.

Issues that Affect the Elderly and Disabled


Elderly people are able to live comfortably and independently in their own homes into their 80's and 90's these days. Modern amenities such as grab bars, easy-open doors and drawers, and a host of other home improvement efforts provide the safety they need. Let’s talk about how Autoslide's automatic door systems are a wonderful tool for our elderly or disabled loved ones:

  • Arthritic Hands and Wrists – Arthritis is something that affects the majority of people over 50 years of age. We have access to medications that take away a lot of the pain now, but many still have issues with weakened or painful joints when grasping. Opening doors isn’t always easy.
  • Mobility Issues – Wheelchairs and walkers are quite cumbersome when it comes to something as simple as going outside to sit on the patio. The act of opening the sliding patio door becomes more difficult when you’re holding a walker for stability or sitting in a wheelchair.
  • High Thresholds – Stepping over a high threshold becomes quite the hurdle when your legs don’t move quite as nimbly as they once did. The two inch threshold in most doorways often stops walkers or wheelchairs abruptly, and are the cause for many falls by elderly people.

Remodeling the home is a wonderful way to fix some of these issues. Building a small ramp to allow small wheels, such as those on walkers, to roll smoothly up and over the threshold, makes a very big difference in mobility for older or disabled people. Such a small change is so simple that it can be done in a single day. Add a grab bar and the doorway area is once again safe for those with mobility challenges.

Replace the regular hinged door with a sliding glass door and install an Autoslide system to further improve the way your aging parent enters and exits the home. Autoslide enabled doors allow sliding doors of all kinds to be opened and closed with the simple press of a button or with a motion sensor. We recommend giving the decision serious thought because, while it may seem simple for us to pull and push a sliding door, it may be very difficult for an aging parent to grip and squeeze. In this particular case, we recommend the motion sensor system or a mobility package that as easy to use four button remotes.

Autoslide of America offers a wide array of autoslide door options to fit every lifestyle. Our systems are very safe and provide the security you want while providing the independence your aging parent wants. Give us a call any time to discuss our systems in detail or email us at

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